The RES stat


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    Re: The RES stat

    Post by Yarxov on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:32 pm

    I'd say Rynn needs a special title for his contributions, you can only +1 him so many times after all.

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    Re: The RES stat

    Post by Rynn on Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:23 am

    Darkson wrote:Really? Nice find!

    So if you combine it with the Blue Tearstone Ring it will be even more effective?

    Has someone tested out if that ring just gives a static amount of damage reduction or if there's also a multiplier/formular?

    And if so, does the game first calculate the damage reduction your RES stat gives you or the ring? Would the first one multiplied by the second one?
    Blue Tearstone ring increases defense, so it might help here, but I don't think it would increase the actual effects of this RES passive.

    I'm under the -belief- that this RES buff could care less what your defense is, and as such seems to apply after defense.

    Serious_Much wrote:That is an extremely interesting find, good stuff Kujii big grin

    would you like me to add this to the wiki?

    Edit: I added the first sentence telling about exactly what it does, then specifying this effect is for PvE mobs only. I also added a line about possible reduction in fall damage, with a request for confirmation. Anyone who feels they could put it better please edit it again to your viewing pleasure silly
    I was testing fall damage today, that was all in my head, fall damage is not reduced.

    Darkson wrote:And also: You could make a high RES char, put on both the blue and red tearstone ring and use power within maybe? Maybe it would make it more effective with the high RES!
    You still will most likely die a LOT of the time, RES isn't that much of a savior when your health is already low.

    Yesuurd wrote:I will make a 99 resistance toon and see if the game breaks!!!
    Do it! I'd love to hear if there is a point where you suffer dimishing returns on this, I stopped at 50, seeing as that's where most stats drastically suffer from it.

    T-King-667 wrote:Yeah its good to see that you found out a good use for the stat rynn (: cheers to your hard work, and cheers to me for giveing you the motivation to start it, lmao.
    I kind of needed an excuse to start a Maneater Mildred Build... I just didn't expect it to -remove- the challenge in the game, rather then producing more.

    Yarxov wrote:I'd say Rynn needs a special title for his contributions, you can only +1 him so many times after all.
    I hardly think this deserves any title, I just thought I might contribute what I'd found when running a RES char since there was a topic about it...

    Also, Res has an effect on PvP, but it's so minute it's not worth trying to make use of. At 50 Res, I took 12 less damage from a drake sword then another, equally armored opponent does. I doubt that any of you legitlimately can find a use for that.

    I'm going back to PvPing, this was fun, but mobs bore me.

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    Re: The RES stat

    Post by GkMrBane on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:27 am

    I wonder what the max damage reduction would be for a toon who had 50Resist full giants and 99 humanity.

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    Re: The RES stat

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