Enchanted Weapon +5



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    Enchanted Weapon +5

    Post by Vanbeef on Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:29 am

    Hey Guys,

    at first sorry for my bad English, its only my 3rd Language so far.

    Im rather new to this Game but damn its so awesome, but now i have a Question. I wanna play some sort of Spell Warrior with High INT Stat and Casts but some kind of Damage for Melee Attacks.

    A Player advised me to get a Enchanted Claymore +5 for this because its Damage increases with my INT?

    I already got the Claymore by myself and defeated those 2 Gargyles at the Top Clock after many many many attempts...

    So now, where can i get the Enchanted +5 for my Claymore? What do i need for this? Or am i to early for this in my Game?

    As is said at the beginning, sorry for my bad English but i hope you understand what i mean big grin

    Greets, Vanbeef
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    Re: Enchanted Weapon +5

    Post by skarekrow13 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:50 am

    You'll need the enchanted ember to give to Rickert, the blacksmith in New Londo right after you head down from Firelink. I believe the ember is in the Darkroot Forest guarded by giant mushrooms. You'll need a decent amount of titanite to get it to +5. It sounds like you're early game so there might be better options than this for now. The lightning spear in Sen's is a popular choice as is the Drake Sword from the drake on the bridge.

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    Re: Enchanted Weapon +5

    Post by Tolvo on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:13 am

    As skare said, but if you are going more into Str/Dex you might do better with magic +10. Enchanted is if you plan on having really high Intelligence, so 40 and up. Magic is if you are going for 20-30. The reason for this is magic reduces Physical scalings slightly and adds a decent int scaling. But, enchanted reduces Physical scalings greatly and adds a huge int scaling.

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    Re: Enchanted Weapon +5

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