PSN SL 65 BoC Resolved

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    PSN SL 65 BoC Resolved

    Post by Blade of The Sun on Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:40 am

    Looking for help in bed of Chaos. Ready to summon right before the fog gate. Let me know if you are are ready and I will boot up my game.

    A soul, pure and true.
    It enters the valley of corruption, with nothing but faith and a freind.
    It walks among the pained, unable to help their wretched souls as they suffer on.
    It finds solace in the fact that it is at least trying.
    It then feels it can no longer take their pains without the power to end them.
    and so, it takes on a demon soul, and becomes not a fair and pure maiden, but a lost executioner who finds peace in helping the pained pass on from this life.

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