Bloodstain woes



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    Bloodstain woes

    Post by exandroide on Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:51 pm

    anyone have any buggy bloodstains? seems like something weird always happens if i die in Sen's. the other day i died with 17 liquid humanity and about 40k souls. grab my stain and get the souls back, but NO humanity.

    just now, in NG+, the Iron Golem chucked me off the bridge. i come back and beat the hell out of him, but can't find my stain. this time it was around 100k...

    out of curiosity, i peek over the edge, and sure enough, there's my stain at the bottom of the golem bridge. i figure if it's down there, it must be reachable...but to be safe, i put on a ring of sacrifice before i take a leap of faith. nope: instant death. oh well, i can make those back pretty fast in NG+, and i'm about done leveling anyways.

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