Outside Artorias' Door


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    Outside Artorias' Door

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:55 am

    This my friends is a haven. A PvP hotspot untapped as far as I am aware. I will Gravelord here in safety. I've seen no spawn ganking, not backstab fishers, no WoG spammers, no lame *** hosts, none of that stuff.

    I had well over 40+ fights with one Path of the Dragon Covenanter, I raised him up from rank 1 to rank 3, donating every scale that I won.

    I had several good hosts who set me up against honourable phantoms. A few newer people who tried to 2v1 me but ended up losing. We practiced 2v1 for a while , as they were both friends co oping through the game.

    And even met a few Gravelords whom I aptly propositioned to join our User Covenant. Alack and alas they did not yield to my sibiliant tone and grammatically correct phrases.

    All in all good place to go. Though really finicky in terms of level bracket. Its as if theres some unspoken SL range that everyone is in.


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