PS3 SL 84 Need Avelyn!


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    PS3 SL 84 Need Avelyn!

    Post by Sunbro4evar on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:31 pm

    So I recently started my first PVP build and I absolutely hate it when I have to chase my opponent half way across the map. So I'm looking for an easy remedy and I instantly thought of the Avelyn. The thing is though I can't make that jump to get it for the life of me! So I would like to trade. PSN xstickyxfingazx SL 84 Praise the Sun

    P.S. off topic but did anyone notice the new my little pony symbols or is it just me? :00041: :00042: :00043: :00044: :00045: :00046:

    PSN xstickyxfingazx add me if ya wanna!

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