The world of Dark Souls


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    The world of Dark Souls

    Post by Imarreteet23 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:57 pm

    Ok, so I've had alot of free time on my hands latley, and i have been trying to figure out where each country (like Astora, Catarina, etc.) is in relation to each other. After a bit of research, heres what i came up with. (Please note that this is SPECULATION. This is not fact, nor has it been confirmed by From. Thank you) (Also note that this is a whoper of a post. Read at your own risk. lol!)

    First of all, I'm allmost 100 percent sure that Lordran itself is somwhere in the north, and, for the sake of simplicity, lets assume that it's the northernmost country. Ok, now that we've established that, heres how i'm going to go about this. In Lordran, there a multitude of people and items that are spread all about the land. And for most of these items/people, we can determine their nationality. For example, we know that Andrei is from Astora, and we also know that the parrying dagger is from Carim, etc. My theroy is simple: the more items/people from any country, the closer that country is to Lordran. Not the best idea in the world, but what ever. Using this knowledge, along with some guesses, we can determine how close (or how far) a country is from Lordran.

    The first country I want to start with is Zena, because I find it the most interesting. This one is, by far, the country we know the least about. The only connection that we have to the place is the adventurers armor, and Domhnall himself. Because of this, I want to say that this country is far away, probably somwhere in the south. My reasoning behind this is simple: Southern countries would probably be more exotic, and therefore would be a big trading hub. Just look at Domhnall. He wont even talk to you unless you give him souls. Maybe he's such a buisnessman because he comes from such a buisness--oriented place. It would also make sense that Zena is in the far south because one would naturally assume that the north and south are far apart. Anywho, moving on.

    Next, I'm going to talk about Astora. We see quite alot of people from Astora. Therefore, acording to my theory, It must be pretty close to Lordran. Also, we can find the eye of a monster that attacked Astora (ring of the evil eye), right here in Lordran! I dont know how that got here unless its a pretty close walk.

    Next, onto Cairm and Thuroland These two are pretty similar, so we can assume that they are neighboring lands. I assume, however, that Thuroland must be atleast slightly close to Lordran, because it seems that the Way of White covenent sends guys into Lordran on "undead hunts."

    Now, onto the last place i'm going to do for now: Vinhiem. According to the wiki "They were also known for their students who studied in the arts of Stealth." Now, obviously this is just a wild guess, but maybe it is possible that some of the people of Vinhiem are influenced by the people of the East? And if this is true, is it not to far fetched to say that the land of Vinhiem neighbors the East?

    Ok thats all i'm doing for now. Feel free to tell me if this is this is the stupidest thing that you've ever heard. Also feel free to state what you think. Thank you!

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    Re: The world of Dark Souls

    Post by WyrmHero on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:11 am

    I think Astora may be at the center of the world, with Lordran to the North, the East east, and all other countries surrounding Astora in the South and West.

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