Avelyn upgrade path


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    Avelyn upgrade path

    Post by Yarxov on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:16 pm

    Which one is best? I'm going to use Heavy Bolts, Lightning bolts are too expensive. So would it be good enough at Lightning +4 w Heavy Bolts? Or is there some better option?

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    Re: Avelyn upgrade path

    Post by Yukon on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:41 pm

    I just did some tests with my +5 lightening avelyn using lightening bolts and regular bolts. The damage difference is negligable so I don't think there is a problem with using regular bolts over lightening you just get a mild decrease.

    Here are my results:
    With STANDARD bolts
    153 on giant with halberd 155 on silver knight in anor londo.
    220 on hollows near the aquaduct in fire link
    170 (not enough to kill) on skels in the graveyard 150 on giant skells.

    171 on the giants with halberds 180 on silver knights

    Lightening bolts
    250 on giants with halberds in anorlondo 231 on silver knights.
    280 on hollows near the aquaduct in firelink
    179 (enough to kill) on skels in the grave yard 163 on giant skells

    I am not sure what regualar bolts do in PVP, I only use lightening there, But I think I do about 400 damage or somewhere near that when a fully volley hits.

    153 when a single bolt hits. Honestly if you are full level you wont have much else to spend your Ponies on, so its not hard to come by 500 or so lightening bolts after some PVP sessions. But, if you are still developing your character I would just by 999 standard bolts, thats what I used when I was still building it.

    I've heard of people making crystal avelyns, if you kept it at +4 it might work. It would give you the highest damage output. I havent been able to play around with avelyn much, but maybe you get a higher boost from avelyn +5 chaos with 10 humanity. Shrug

    EDIT: spend your Ponies wisely in dark Ponies

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