Breakdown of weapon classes

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    Breakdown of weapon classes

    Post by Gravelord hunter on Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:26 pm

    I'm just gonna post a breakdown of what I think each weapon classes positives and negatives are incase anyone was wondering or for new players trying to decide what to use.

    Daggers: Very fast, great backstab dmg | Very short range
    Straight swords: Fast, medium strength, good dead angles | Short range
    Greatswords: High dmg, good stun lock potential requiring high poise to resist | Slow, medium recover time
    Ultra greatswords: Very high dmg, great stun potential requiring GREAT poise to resist | Very slow, slow recovery time
    Curved swords: Very fast, medium dmg, can chain big combos | Easily countered by poise, short range
    Katanas: Fast, medium dmg, can also chain combos (not as well as curved swords however) not many weaknesses | High poise is a good counter
    Curved greatswords: Fairly fast, good range, better dmg than katanas and curved swords, good dead angles | Slow start up
    Piercing swords: Very fast, medium-good range*, can attack with shield up | Low-medium dmg*, requires lock on, no dead angles
    Axes: Medium-fast*, good dmg | Bad range, bad-good* dead angles
    Great axes: Medium speed, better dmg than axes | Has some recovery time (not as much as other weapon types)
    Hammers: Medium-fast speed*, good dmg, good range, pretty good hit box | Easy to read and parry
    Great hammers: Great dmg, good range, better hit box | Fairly slow, about same recovery time as great axes
    Fist weapons: Fast, LOOKS COOL! | Pretty bad dmg, not much choice, bad range
    Spears: Fast, amazing range, can attack with shield up, almost no recovery time | Medium dmg, requires lock on most of the time often seen so people have learned to deal with them
    Halberts: Better dmg than spears, medium speed, some good R2 attacks | Bad recovery time often leaving you open for BS, basic R1 attacks require lock on
    Whips: Medium speed, medium range | Range can often be bad against certain weapons (range is about inbetween spears and pierce swords) weak dmg
    Bows: Fast, amazing range, little-no recovery time* | Low dmg, no bow can be buffed
    Crossbows: Just a bit more dmg than bows, good range | Has some recovery time, un buffable

    Thats about all I can think of, please let me know if you have anything 2 add and i'll make sure to edit it in.

    Scale worst-best: Very slow(/weak, w.e), Slow, Medium, Good, Great/Very, Amazing

    *All of these statistics can vary depending of each weapon in their respective classes

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    Re: Breakdown of weapon classes

    Post by Yarxov on Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:05 am

    Make sure you mention how Hammers and Axes rarely have combos, and that Hammers/maces have the best damage dealt since Blunt is usually the lowest resistance. (If it's pierce there's the awesome Warpick that does piercing while having great damage (Chaos+4 w/10H does 493 :3)

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