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    ninja styleXD

    Post by Rin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:02 pm

    just made a fun low lv build i wont give any stats as its more of an item/play stylebuild of any lv y want its made for trol invasions rings= dwgr and rof armour=shadow/dark/dragonoid or wt ever y want weapons=a dagger or a katana use any small shield items= poisen knifes, dung, skulls , invasion item, any other things cov= darkwraith spells=hidden body, hidden weapon, cameleon n other stelth spells style= thers 3 strategys 1. poisen/toxic the opponent then play around with him not letting them heal till he/she dies 2. use skulls to attract monsters that will aid you 3. a mixture of 1 n 2 that involves cameleon...this is made to invade in mob crouded places and to annoy and insult your opponent its fun so try it out XD

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