Share your Fun/Funny PvP moments


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    Share your Fun/Funny PvP moments

    Post by peaceful_sabre on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:50 pm

    I've kinda gotten better at one on one duels recently so my fights i think are alot better. In the first day i feel i got better i got my first two 'draws'. one from i really good fight. the other one i guess i could say was funny. all draw i get i would probably call a good fight aswell and funny.

    When i go into a fight a miracle i always use now as a precaution is Karmic justice. i go into a fight and do very well;my opponent is nearly dead. he switches tactical and takes almost of my hp in a thew second. then he killed me. what made this fight funny was this was my second draw. And i drew because of Karmic Justice. he hit may alot and when i died my spell activated and he went flying back, taking off the little amount of hp he had left.

    I have made this blog so I aswell as others can share their fun PvP battles to others(and maybe even help others to learn a trick here and there)

    Please feel free to leave your stories for us to read

    Thank you

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    Re: Share your Fun/Funny PvP moments

    Post by lorenzo110 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:21 pm

    Up here at soul level 710 I notice that a very common tactic invaders are using the most are what I call the Buff wrathers. These are invaders that will buff their weapon with darkmoon blade and in the other hand will carry a talisman to spam wrath. This style of play is probably by now more common in all levels then it should be. I first ran into it facing a japanese player who only used this method back in december. He never bothered adjusting at all if he was countered and killed. He would just return to the world he invaded using the same tactic over and over. And he had a pretty good success rate fighting that way too. Until I countered his attack with vow of silence making his wrath ability null and void. Then he only had his sword skills to fight, which were not very good because in his panic he would only go for back stabs. Which is basically a death sentance if your facing two people that are great at the back stabs too.

    Anyway before I began to counter this guy with vow of silence I would return his spam wrath with my own since I carry about 20 of that miracle in my slots. I use them for just this occasion since fighting up here thats all you tend to run into for the most part. Wrathers. Anyway the first time I faced this japanese guy he runs his red toon toward the summoner with his buffed weapon and starts spamming the wrath. He catches my summoner in a stun lock from the miracle. So I roll behind the guy and back stab him. He then proceeds to spam wrath at me and I flip my weapon hand to bring up my talisman. We pretty much blast each other to the ground and he manages to flip away and pop a humanity. I heal up completely myself and we run at each other meeting face to face and start spamming wrath. It was funny as hell. After a few hits of wrath we both manage to shoot off one last one which kills us both simultainously. It was funny watching each others bodies fade away into dust. Those are the kind of fights I love because it instills fear and respect from your opponent the next time he sees you. He knows its not going to be another easy win for him.

    Ever since then he would attack me first and not bother with the summoner. Because he knew that once I started vow of silence he was a dead man. His toon was tanked so he couldn't run very fast which basically made him a sitting target unless he could land a back stab with his buff weapon before he got killed. His success rate was nill after that when he faced me in a world he invaded. Even if he saw me at a distance he would use the white stone to warp out of the world. Like I tell people I am want your enemy to fear you because then they will respect you.

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