Looking for Thorn's Set XBL SL25 RESOLVED



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    Looking for Thorn's Set XBL SL25 RESOLVED

    Post by TheYellowKnight on Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:22 pm

    Looking for anyone who has this armor around SL25. I can level up more if it becomes a problem (but no higher than SL45 as I want to try to gravelord Anor Londo soon).

    I have a gravelord sword to offer, but I can also give you a slab of your choice to trade instead if you want. Message back if interested. Thank you.

    GT: GoomOfDoom Bow

    Update: Thanks to low level invaders I now have more items to trade for the armor. You can now choose between...

    15 Twinkling Titanites
    15 Demon Titanites
    15 Dragon Scales

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