Jolly Co-operation Request [Ps3]


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    Jolly Co-operation Request [Ps3]

    Post by Darkfallen on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:23 pm


    I am looking for someone - Some people ((Depending on how many people wish to join)) that are willing to start a new character and join me in some Jolly Co-operation. I have a vast knowledge of the entire game inside and outside, I don't care much for PvP but if it comes down to something like that I will try my best, Able to lead you practically through the entire game and have some fun doing so. If Interested please Message me Here or through my psn below...

    Psn - Iggy_Darkfallen

    With what class you wish to be and we can work something out

    Online time - anywhere around 12pm - 5pm and stays online till around 11pm - 12am

    ~Praise the Sun~


    Psn: Iggy_Darkfallen

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