5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition


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    5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

    Post by iGBx on Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:45 pm


    Hi guys, after the popularity of my last video and topic (5 Changes To Improve Dark Souls Part1), here is part 2 as promised lol.

    In this episode I discuss changes to:

    Grass Crest Shield
    titanite Slabs 
    Ring of Favour and Protection
    Dark Hand

    Enjoy and discuss.

    I'd really like your thoughts on if and how would you implement de-levelling, and do you think it should feature in Dark Souls 2?

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    Re: 5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

    Post by Aigaios on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:03 pm

    Great vid, I completely agree on the first two, I think RoFaP would still be overused even at 10%. With stealth it would be cool if you could stack the Ring of Fog with Hidden Body and get the no lock-on effect. Not being able to delevel is a bit stupid, I understand why they wouldn't want people that just trolled trying to delevel people all the time but they could even get Framp to do that without any way to use it in a negative way.

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    Re: 5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

    Post by Green__Eagle on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:07 pm

    A soul-sucking NPC that charges you to keep him alive.

    If you don't feed him (even consumable) souls for a time, he will die. Kinda like a spider we all know, huh?

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    Re: 5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

    Post by Kirk-Barb on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:58 pm

    I think no lock on for fog ring or hidden body or their combination is to powerful.  It would only work if the one hidden didn't have lock on as well.  I would be more inclined to go with a halved lock on range instead.

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    Re: 5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

    Post by Shakie666 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:52 pm

    What's wrong with the DeS style stealth where you were invisible from a certain distance? Its not as if you could 1-shot snipe someone or anything, seeing as we don't have DeS style hyper mode.

    EDIT: Also, make it so the grass crest shield doesn't work if its on your back? I don't know, its just your 'solution' doesn't seem like a very good one (especially as you get the stamina boost even if you don't meet the strength requirement).

    I'd also make slabs buyable for 50k souls or something. Come on, is the increase in power from a +14 weapon to +15 really that dramatic that it requires such a rare item? Plus crystal weapons would have a use outside of megamule. Still, could be worse cough*pure bladestone*cough.

    Alternatively, make the stray demon respawn, he's not hard anyway.

    I disagree with the RoFaP nerf, unless you also nerf the DWGR (again), as well as the wolf ring, havel's ring, and every other 'overused' ring. Hell, you might as well just get rid of them completely.

    Actually, even if you nerfed them people would still use them, because the other rings are COMPLETELY USELESS.

    Finally, hidden body lasts 30 seconds not 10.

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    Re: 5 More Changes I'd make - Stealth & Soulsucker Edition

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