Ascending the Sanctus


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    Ascending the Sanctus

    Post by ResIsBestStat on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:21 pm

    Greetings forum members. It's Res here and I'm here to discuss about a peculiar thing.

    Earlier in the Dark Souls Character Planner I was testing the amount of percentage boosts shields get when you ascend them, the latest shield that I tested was the Sanctus.

    However the Sanctus was very particular because ascending it caused many strange effects.

    We know that the Sanctus has 95% physical 40% magical 70% fire and 50% lightning resistance.

    I then proceeded to ascend the Sanctus to divine and magic, of course nothing changed as usual.

    But when I ascended the Sanctus to the fire upgrade path, predicting it will receive a slight boost in fire resistance, I was surprised that lightning resistance increased instead from 50% to 84%

    I then proceeded to ascend the Sanctus to lightning, only to find out that the lightning resistance had decreased to 0%, something incredibly strange since no shield in Dark Souls has a 0% resistance rating, along with the fact that ascending the Sanctus to lightning decreases lightning resistance instead of improving it.

    Of course the character planner might be faulty, but since I am on vacation, I cannot test it on Dark Souls myself, so I ask you....

    Does the Sanctus really change like this when it ascends?
    Soul of Stray Demon

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    Re: Ascending the Sanctus

    Post by Soul of Stray Demon on Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:15 pm
    How it is supposed to work.


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