A switch on Patches


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    A switch on Patches

    Post by Green__Eagle on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:29 pm

    This is from Plutarch's Lives, page 2881 (of 4610):

    Among the other calamities that befell the city (Thebes), it happened that some Tharcian soldiers having broken into the house of a matron of high character and repute, named Timoclea, their captain, after he had used violence with her, to satisfy his avarice as well as lust, asked her, if she knew of any money concealed; to which she readily answered she did, and bade him follow her into a garden, where she showed him a well, into which, she told him, upon the taking of the city she had thrown what she had of most value. The greedy Tharcian presently stooping down to view the place where he thought the treasure lay, she came behind him, and pushed him into the well, and then flung great stones in upon him, till she had killed him. After which, when the soldiers led her away bound to Alexander (the Great), her very mien and gait showed her to be a woman of dignity, and of a mind no less elevated, not betraying the least sign of fear or astonishment. And when the king asked her who she was, "I am," said she, "the sister of Thegenes, who fought the battle of Chaeronea with your father Philip, and fell there in command for the liberty of Greece." Alexander was so surprised, both at what she had done, and what she said, that he could not choose but give her and her children their freedom to go whither they pleased.

    Whew. Long, run on sentences make this a difficult read. But it's worth it. :-)

    I took English Honors classes throughout High School, but I wish this book would have been a required read. I only wonder if we could have understood and debated it all within just one year.

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