Polearms, Please FromSoft


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    Re: Polearms, Please FromSoft

    Post by Myztyrio on Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:46 pm

    SadPanda wrote:Lances, Halberds, Spears, you name it.

    Specifically, a lance from my eyes would be like the UGS of polearms. Very long, powerful, and slow. Greatsword already essentially has the moveset this would have. Simply with the light and heavy attacks reversed.

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    Re: Polearms, Please FromSoft

    Post by StiffNipples on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:18 pm

    It's not so much about the amount of weight, but more about where the weight is located.

    If you hold 10kg close to you and spin around, you're going to still be relatively balanced.

    If however you place that weight at the end of a 3m pole and spin around it's going to create a pendulum and want to pull you off your feet.

    The Mura, whilst heavy, doesn't distribute it's weight far from the body like the Halberds do, it's swings are tight and although you can clearly see that it requires lots of power to wield, it's not creating the pendulum like effect that the halberds are. Maces and Axes are similar, the swings a relatively tight to the body, and imo shouldn't create the whiff stumble, but it's their I believe to balance out the poise damage that they do.

    Realistically having a certain amount of poise should stop the whiff action, as the weight of the pendulum would be countered by your poise (poise being how hard you are to knock around).

    But while much of this game is an evolution of what was learned in DeS, much in this game is also (essentially) in beta testing. Poise is a new concept, as is the whiff animation. I expect we'll see a more refined version of DaS in DaSII.

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    Re: Polearms, Please FromSoft

    Post by Forum Pirate on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:27 pm

    Way to read about how these people are clearly superhuman and whipping around 7 foot tall clubs of stone with one hand.

    Its hard to believe that a 12 unit halberd can stagger anyone on a miss like that. leverage only goes so far.

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    Re: Polearms, Please FromSoft

    Post by SlintEastwood on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:46 pm

    Rollo-99 wrote:31 poise with 2hnded sks,dss,pike etc is plenty, since the weapon is 10 ft long, and have great speed. Two quick pokes for 62 poise dmg while your on the other side of the lvl is not too shabby eh?. If the player is very defensive, good luck finding the range on a roll bs, with well timed pokes and space, no weapon should be able to touch him.  They don't weigh alot (cept pike) and pair it with leo ring for high dmg if you like. No one trys to break guard with a spear really, it's light enough to carry a great swrd to handle that, or a 0 lbs pyro glove to eat thru it.
    They did increase stamina drain on shield pokes, which was a good measure i agree. I'm also not saying they are an unbeatable answer to evrything, I've killed quite a few with out a shield and low poise, but it usually requires me to work hard, and have the opponent to make a mistake.
    Spears in PvP are absolutely insane in DaS1. I mean, I don't think they're unbeatable (I think the chaos blade matches up favourably against the long spears) but the problem is a good long spear user can more or less shut out an equally skilled player using most of the weapons in the game.

    For DaS2 longer spears should overall be a bit slower, have a tiny whiff (and a large whiff on the turtlepokes), but maybe do a bit more damage IMO. Also, the poise and guard break should be nerfed.

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    Re: Polearms, Please FromSoft

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