Tossing around an idea for guerrilla warfare spin-off


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    Tossing around an idea for guerrilla warfare spin-off

    Post by OminousSquaffle on Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:21 am

    ...Which is heavily inspired by DreadedCone's fangasmicly awesome Guerrilla Warfare series, but with heavy modifications which I think are cool but may be silly and unnecessary. This is still in the planning stages and since there are a few kinks I'd appreciate any and all advice. 

    LONG read ahead, be warned.

    Basic setup is the same. Host summons a phantom, then a red soapstone, then spams dried finger til another invader shows up. And here's where I'm tossing around several ideas...

    Most of them revolve around a form of CTF/hide-and-seek of sorts. My first idea was having one team be the defenders, and one team be the attacker. Defenders go and place an item or item(s) at random, preferably hidden locations in the environment while the attackers remain at a neutral zone, preferably somewhere where there's no chance of them taking a peek (bonfire room in the Depths, for example). Defenders then...well, defend, while the attackers attempt to find and secure the items. To make things more interesting they'd be good stuff, like stacks of humanity/titanite slabs (which I would provide...I mod items thumbs up) they would then have to bring these items back to the neutral zone. The main issues I see here...

    Attackers are at a distinct disadvantage. They have a clear, non-violent goal and would probably get lagstabbed all over the place while they scrambled around looking for hidden crap. Or they'd get pissed and fight back, and then we'd just have a standard fight and people would die and it'd get boring as fudge. 

    Ways to counteract this...maybe force the defenders to wait at the neutral zone and give the attackers a headstart or something. But then just looking for stuff and not being able to fight would be kinda I thought hey, maybe we could keep this a low SL and limit people to +5 weapons, but there aren't enough people with the RSS or even invasion items at low levels who aren't dedicated griefers.

    So yeah, need ideas there ^

    Alternative idea is more CTF based. You have two teams, each team takes one half of the "map" and hides a single item, preferably in a VERY hard-to-reach, out-of-the-way place. Both teams go scrambling for the other team's "flag". Same issues are posed here, so I thought maybe we could limit each side to bows only...or...yeah, need ideas.

    It's all a very rough idea and may just be too complicated and unrealistic to work, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Need suggestions, ideas and harsh feedback. 

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