Escort for Tomb of the Giants needed [PC, SL53]


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    Escort for Tomb of the Giants needed [PC, SL53]

    Post by Emvidasch on Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:44 pm

    Hey all,

    As it currently stands, my character is built in such a way that it has no access to the cast light sorcery.

    I have two lamps but I value my shield (and thus my hide). I wish to be the proud owner of a Mask of the Father, but a Gravelord stands in my way. He uses some magical bone power to prevent a certain merchant from moving to Firelink Shrine! And so here I stand, looking for a Warrior who wishes to engage in jolly co-operation, whose shining light will guide me through the skeleton dogs, archers, pillars and Pinwheels.

    Enough with the roleplay now, anyone care to help? bounce

    PC: Emvidasch

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