Undead King Jar Eel, Combat Footage


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    Undead King Jar Eel, Combat Footage

    Post by Seignar on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:25 pm

    They went through this much trouble just to cut him off  (even if he was a Gwyn/Allant Clone...). I mean, this guy is fairly similar to Gwyn except he has an AoE, a faster grab (and judging from the animation, worse, considering it seems it leaves you right in front of him) and a more varied moveset...and he has a flashy cape 0-0.

    Anyways, details I could find (from an unreliable source) was he was suppose to be a mid-game boss, being a prerequisite, on top of Sif, to battle the Four Kings (in his case, to open the floodgates). It was probably scrapped due to the possibility of skipping him via murder.

    Seriously, if you were going to scrap anything, it should have been Bed of Chaos!


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    Re: Undead King Jar Eel, Combat Footage

    Post by Undiscovery on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:16 pm

    That's really cool stuff, I've checked the cut content before. His armor was also suppose to be available (Though probably with a cut cape like Balders. phbbbbt)

    The directors did say the game was rushed, so may be they had a dead line and he was just unfinished material. I'm sure they could have gotten around the skipping him by making him a boss to save/unlock Ingward similiar to Dusk. Anyway, would've been really cool to see. I futility hope DkS2 has 0 cut-content.



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