Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.



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    Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

    Post by iTWiX on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:18 pm

    I don't plan on using buffs. Should i use Lightning (More damage + Lightning effect) or go +15?
    Also: If you have any recommendations for my Build, pls say it to me.
    Build: http://mmdks.com/3cbo
    (Playing on PC that's why i play in SL 100)

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    Re: Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

    Post by Devokai on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:43 pm

    Personally I think you should drop 2 vit for 2 end so you can make use of that 16 str and use things like the flamberge or lifehunt whenever you get bored of an uchi...Otherwise I'd drop 2 str and put it in att or vit. If you have 40 dex, never ever use lightning or chaos, that's just a rule. I also think the fap/havel combo is a waste and limits you too much with ring selection. The only reason I see to use fap/havel over fap/wolf is if fap/havel gives you = or > poise and considerably more defense.

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    Re: Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

    Post by densetsushun on Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:29 pm

    If you hover over the weapon in MugenMonkey, you'll see that the weapon damage is split between physical and lightning. In general, this means that your weapon will do less damage because it needs to pass through 2 different types of defenses. It's much better to a slightly lower pure physical AR than a higher total split AR as it'll only have to pass through one type of defense.

    At 32 endurance, you can wear the Ring of Favor and Protection and the Wolf Ring, still hit 56 or higher poise, and if you ever need to you can swap out the Wolf Ring, which drops you to 16 poise, and switch to another ring for whatever purpose.

    If you're not using your shield to block but to parry, the leather shield has better defenses and the same stability and 1 point of weight less. You can also opt to stay at the same weight and use a heater shield instead, which weighs the same as the buckler but has 100% physical defense.

    In general, this is a better option.
    This is one with a leather shield instead of a heater, and Dingy Robe for better defenses.
    (Links are not minified because Mugen doesn't want to minify them for me.)

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    Re: Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

    Post by Jansports on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:05 pm

    Unless you're going to use one of the weapons that needs 16 str 14 is fine. you could lose a few Vit points too and get more Attunment. Generally 16-19 is where I personally am comfortable with on Dex/Pyro builds. This lets you use Fire Surge, GCFB, Black Flame/GC which with these 3 spells you have variety and even a few combos (order matters) you can get them to strafe/roll with fire surge, then throw an unlock manually aimed Chaos Fireball where they will end up, it will likely stun them and you can follow that up with a black flame or great combustion, if that also stuns them (black flame is better for this) then the Lava damage from GCFB will trigger and you may even be able to get a tickstab off it. Which is an absurd amount of damage.

    I also might mention the Crown(s) as Pyro on it's own doesn't do the greatest damage, with the crown on it really starts to shine.

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    Re: Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

    Post by Animaaal on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:24 am


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    Re: Uchigatana/Iaito Dex/Pyro SL 100 Build.

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