What's up with spell cancelling?


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    What's up with spell cancelling?

    Post by elloguvnas on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:16 am

    Seen it happen with WotG (Which can be fatal without lightroll) and great fireball. IS this a glitch, or some technique I'm missing out on? It started quite recently..
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    Re: What's up with spell cancelling?

    Post by Dibsville on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:35 am

    This has been around since a well-known Demon's Souls glitch. Spell-canceling is done by simply casting something then quickly pulling back on the control stick. The spell just cancels itself out and you can continue with a different action. It's very useful as a Pyromancer since the 4 Fireball casts can be quite limiting, and it's great for baits. For example, if you're fighting someone who roll backstabs, you can pull out fireball, cancel it, and follow up with a normal hit to damage them while they're still recovering from the roll.

    Spell-canceling is something extremely useful for any spell-user with attacks that have very few casts, but it's not really required for people who just stack multiple attunements of the spell.

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