PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs


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    PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs

    Post by Hart on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:34 am

    So running through the game normally has lost all appeal to me unless I'm racing side by side with a friend, PVP isn't a reliable option since I have no connection here.

    So let this topic be a place to compile any and all interesting PVE playthroughs of the game.

    The list so far:

    Speed Run:
    Kill Gwyn ASAP

    Starting Level Run:
    No levelling

    Parry/Partial (Dibsville) Run:
    No blocking or dodging, all attacks must be parried or partial parried (parrying an unblockable move reduces damage significantly). Grabs must be broken or endured devil

    Coslay Run:
    Choose a character, DkS NPC or other, suit up in their gear or a good substitute and run through like that. Theoretically requires you to do this in NG+ without using save editors or BB, unless someone drops you the gear off the bat.

    No Estus Run:
    No estus use allowed.

    Can be taken to the extreme with no healing whatsoever, meaning no humanity (and therefore summons).

    Reversal Run:
    Switch your weapon to left hand, and shield to your right. In addition parrying dagger should only be used in the right hand for this run (I'm thinking about the parry dagger/Kirk or Sieg shield ripostes) but that would ultimately be up to you.

    Max Burden Run:
    Get your equip load to 100% and playthrough like that. While you could rush to find a heavy enough set of gear, but to do a complete run through at 100% you would need to BB, NG+ or use an editor.

    So um, yeah... as you can see I can't think of many others right now. So please share yours big grin

    EDIT: Added a few extra ideas from replys and elsewhere

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    Re: PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs

    Post by wretchedsausage on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:13 am

    shield only run. I have seen it done by Lobosjr, it took him about 4:30:00 to do it. the only weapons you can use are shields. 

    a playthrough with a specific weapon, eg. bandit's knife, shortbow, light crossbow, etc. 

    One shot kill playthrough. this works on a points system, where one point=one souls level you are allowed to level up;
    you get 2 points for killing a boss in 1 shot. 
    you get 1 point for killing a boss in 2 shots. 
    you get one point for killing a miniboss in one shot. 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=401muykHy4k here is a link to the place i originally saw this. 

    Good luck mate, I hope something tickles your fancy...

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    Re: PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs

    Post by sids__09 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:22 am

    Cosplay runs are KING.

    I'm rolling a Hollow Thief right now.

    The next thing on the list is a "Create-a-custom NPC.' Take your whole inventory at the end of the game and construct a single loadout. It must be 1. Functional and 2. ***' SWAG YO. 3. Feed all your other items to the worm; your equipment not is the only equipment you will have for NG+++++ or whatever you're on.

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    Re: PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs

    Post by PaPaSmVrf on Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:56 am

    -bonfireless run (no lighting, but can use firelink shrine)
     -max burden run (100% carry weight, forces walk)
     -weapon swap run ( shield in right hand, weapon in left)
     -low health run (base vit, calamity ring, cursed, ring that cuts your health to double attn, forgot its name, etc.)
    all i got for now

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    Re: PVE 'flavoured' playthroughs

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