Is someone willing to help me get the platinum


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    Is someone willing to help me get the platinum

    Post by Leeroy_Jenkins on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:15 pm

    sl: 120 or 168
    US version
    I only need two more trophies. One is the blade-stone upgrade trophy and the other is the marrow-stone upgrade trophy. For the marrow-stone all I need is a chunk for either toon or just to drop a fully upgraded weapon and I can drop it back. As for the blade-stone I would prefer to finish upgrading my sl 120 toon's weapon with a pure but I'm so fed up with farming it that just dropping a fully upgraded weapon for me to drop back will work too... I am willing to trade just about anything for the stones so
    post here if you're willing to help and shoot me a friend request so we can sort the specifics my PSN is kronestus and I will be on for a little bit longer then probably not again till later tonight PST... So thank you in advanced whoever can help out. big grin


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