Velka: The true Goddess of Judgement.



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    Velka: The true Goddess of Judgement.

    Post by Thxodore on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:37 pm

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums, and I would just like to ask all of you scholars about Velka, as she has been one of the most mysterious characters in Dark Souls to me. 

    Velka's presence seems to be widespread throughout the DkS world. Her symbol is the crow, the very same creature that rescues you from the Asylum. 

    Her Pardoner is present to warn you about Petrus, and to either absolve you of your sins or to accuse somebody else of their transgressions. 

    The Painted World seems to me to be a prison made to hold all of Velka's followers, and Priscilla, who wields the Lifehunt Scythe. The gods feared Priscilla. (This is just my opinion, Seath may have just sealed her away for being a failed experiment. I also may believe that Priscilla is a product of Seath and Gwynevere, and when Gwynevere left Seath to leave Lordran with the Flame God, Seath could not take the loss and sealed Priscilla away so he would not constantly be reminded of the loss of his love.)
    But do we see Velka herself in this Painted Prison? No, we do not. Priscilla  knows of the way out, and offers it to the Chosen Undead. But alas, she does not leave. That is not to say that Velka did not find this escape and take advantage of it. Velka may very well have escaped, and now seeks revenge against the gods that sealed her away. 
        But would killing a burnt out lord of Cinder be truly satisfying? How about a blind,crazy dragon? Maybe a sleeping pile of bones that does nothing and may even accept his death as release? I'm sure killing a tree that poops demons isn't the most rewarding experience, either.

    There is one god, however, that may share her hatred of the gods, and Velka could utilize that blind hatred to her own end. What do you see when you lay eyes upon Gwyndolin, son/daughter of the mighty Gwyn? You may see a son saddened by the loss of his siblings and his father. 
        Velka, however, sees a vessel fit to exact true justice upon the Gods that wronged her so. She meets Gwyndolin, and sees the face of a boy who was mistreated by his father, and raised as a woman. A sister who he adored has left him with another god, and he misses her so that he even creates an illusion of her. He is alone, but he does not feel sadness now, only endless rage towards his 'family' that has abandoned him so. What he wishes now is for you, the Chosen Undead, to destroy the false gods that hold the lord souls, and when they are gone and he is the only god left he will rise up and become a better leader than his father ever was.
          Velka has her own wishes, however. The only way to punish her betrayers is to completely drain their powers, to the point where the bonfires will be extinguished, and history will forget the 'Gods of power'. To make their existence forgotten, meaningless and in vain, yes, that is a fitting judgement. Velka's own powers will fade, but what of it? Her revenge is the only fuel she needs now.
          So velka uses Gwyndolin as a means to an end, and she knows that when you meet him, if you are the true Dark Lord, that you will take no mercy on Gwyndolin, leaving him in a pool of his own godly blood. You will conquer Anor Londo, the Gods' monument to their own vanity, and destroy their legend even further. 
         She puts a peculiar doll in your cell, and ferries you back to where your journey started so you can access the painted world. There, she offers her loyal servant Priscilla as a tribute to you, so you can Acquire the Lifehunt Scythe, a weapon capable of easily dispatching the Gods. 
         She then watches, her plan coming to a close, as you systematically destroy every god that has wronged her with your new weapon. Her revenge is finally complete when her object of hatred, The Great Lord Gwyn, is brought to his knees by her Chosen Undead. 

    As the fire fades, and her life along with it, she rests peacefully knowing that she, as the goddess of judgement, has finally punished all of the sinners. She even evaded the eyes of those toothy serpents. How smart they thought they were.
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    Re: Velka: The true Goddess of Judgement.

    Post by Dibsville on Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:04 pm

    Interesting... but... I'm just going to post some things that might contradict this...
    Oh my... Where to begin.
    First off, Velka is something that can not be entirely known about from what we're given, so most if not all of what people say are general speculations.
    But now on to the topic.

    Let's just get this out of the way: Velka is the black-haired witch that oversees the laws of Judgement and Sin.
    Also, Priscilla is a bastard child, that of a human and a dragon. Priscilla was locked away for her protection. Not because the gods feared her, but because a select few feared for her. In my opinion, she was locked away by Velka and Ariamis; with Velka putting defense and protection within the painting, and Ariamis putting it outside of it.

    Next, Gwyndolin is very protective of his family. It's possible that he may have simply missed his sister, and that's why he created the illusion, but there are other ideas to that. He may have recreated his sister in order to hide that she left from his father, Gwyn. He might have also done it because Gwyndolin was the rightful protector of the Lordvessel, so illusion or not she was the one who was going to guard it.

    On to Velka... you make a valid point that she is using the Dark Lord as to exterminate all the sinner's... but if that's true, why would she want you to kill Gwyndolin? Gwyndolin is the overseer of the Blade of the Darkmoons, the covenant designed to punish the guilty. That would mean either Velka and Gwyndolin are either working together, or that Gwyndolin has a sort of "respect" for Velka.
    There's also the possibility that Velka somehow died, and one of her final requests is for Gwyndolin to punish all the sinner's.

    Back to Priscilla. She has the Lifehunt powers, which may be the reason she was locked away. While I said earlier that she wasn't locked away because the gods feared her, that might not be entirely true. The gods most likely feared that her Lifehunt abilities, put in to the wrong hands, could exterminate them. As such, the gods wanted to kill Priscilla, so a select few gods who wanted to protect her locked her away in the Painting, most likely Velka along with the help of Ariamis. Priscilla is also bound to the painting, so even though she knows where the exit is, she can not leave.

    Basically, Velka is not against the gods, but she's obviously not with the gods either. I don't believe she'd try to punish the gods, especially through the work of the Dark Lord, but that's a good speculation.

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