My favourite strength build


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    My favourite strength build

    Post by nines rodriguez on Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:37 am

    So, after hundreds and hundreds of hours in PVP with all kinds of builds and weapons I figured this to be my favourite strength build and also one of my favourites in general. Great hammers, or rather the both clubs, are for me the most viable heavy pure strength weapons. Ultra GS are as slow, deal less damage and have a far inferiour moveset. Can stunlock, yes...but any half decent player knows how to toggle escape, some can even pull off some nasty tricks like toggle escape + parry. MSGS is a good weapon but doesn't feel "strength buildish" enough for me big grin.
    As mentioned, both the great club and the large club work very well with this setup, I chose the large club due to the weight and the 1HR2 which is always fun if it lands. Plus it has a hilarious follow up I almost never see used. Fast roll is a must have with great hammers because of the BEST rolling attack in the game. It's pretty fast, can't be parried, can dead angle with the small aoe and deals insane poise damage. I even staggered a full Havel's, so any exact information on how much poise it actually drains would be nice.
    FAP ring is in there for obvious reasons, I often switch the second one between hornet, DWGR and wolf ring, depending on situation. Armor can be optimized for sure, but I like it how it is and 37 poise is enough for me.
    As member of the darkwraiths, I mostly invade in the township or burg with good success because on pc there's simply the most traffic on that level.

    Now, after all these explanations why I did what I did it's your turn. First, what do you think of my build? Am I a total douche for using the large club with the hornet ring? (Actually I do get quite some hatemail) I personally think it's fine, strength weapons are bad enough already so I want to make the crits hit very hard at least. And it's not that I bs-fish all the time.
    Second, what's your favourite and most successful strength build, if you use these weapons at all, I am eager so see and read your thoughts on it!

    Oh and as this is one of my first posts here, hello everyone Wave

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