Feedback on Strength Faith/Int/Pyro Build?


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    Feedback on Strength Faith/Int/Pyro Build?

    Post by Fatneckwood on Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:30 am

    This build. It is the epitome of my boredom. I've never really used a strength weapon before so I just thought I'd go with the legendary Zweihander. And since I, personally, haven't seen a trio magic build used in PvP, I figured I'd try that out too. Is it gonna be viable? Probably not...but anywho tell me what you think. 

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    nines rodriguez

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    Re: Feedback on Strength Faith/Int/Pyro Build?

    Post by nines rodriguez on Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:16 am

    That looks like the one I fought in new londo ruins?

    Honestly, I doubt it's gonna be very successful. If you manage to beat good pvpers with that on a regular basis, you can call yourself a master of Dark Souls. I think it's a cool idea to unite all three magic types in one character, it can be very effective actually, but using a zweihander on top of that is a little bit too much while staying in the pvp level range.
    Anywho, I fumbled with mugen a bit and this turned out. Tried to keep your idea, but gave you 55 poise and changed the catalyst as well as talisman for higher magic adjust. Also changed the spells a little, dark bead/dark orb combo can trick people the first time you pull it off while dealing decent damage with the TCC. Black flame I find more useful than GC with the poise break, HCSM, WOG and fire tempest are fine. Worked at your Str/Dex, you can still one hand the zwei but for maximum effectiveness, two hand it when you swing.
    Yet again, really challenging build to play, especially selecting the right spell mid-fight. I know already I would constantly fail at this part and make my char look like a fool trying to cast let's say fire tempest with the talisman big grin.
    Good luck!

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