Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.


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    Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.

    Post by Jansports on Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:42 am

    So a while back I had a kinda dumb idea. Turn a word into a build. After messing around with all kinds of alpha-numeric nonsense I finally had an Idea that so far has kept me entertained for at least a bit. And has broadened my creativity 

    It's a pretty simple Process. You take a word, 5 or 6 letters long seems to work well for the purpose(s) I intended. And you use that word to dictate a specific set of equipment. You do this by using the First or Last letter of the name of the equipment as one of the letters in the word. It makes sense fast with an example. Murakomo could provide either an M or an O to a word.

    witch's cloa[K]
    canvas talisma[N]
    wolf rin[G]
    [S]ilver knight shield

    The Mugen for this would look something like http://mmdks.com/2qqh Stats defaulted to SL100. Though the Exact level of the build is of course flexible.

    My idea was perhaps to make an Event out of this. Just pick your Word (5 or 6 letters long) put on the bare bones gear you end up settling on and fight people. The Idea is twofold. First you have 10 total equipment slots, you only get to use a little over half of them. This will likely push away things like FaP on every build, optimal armor set ups and a slew of weapon swaps. Second it's not always possible to find a word that can make your dream team 6 pieces fit So often times you'll use an accptable alternative. Got a random E in your word? Maybe Effigy Shield is worth a look. G can be a lot of rings, but it's also Giant set pieces. D can be a variety of shields, but it's also the DWGR which is probably going to be a powerful item for half a build. And try as you might DDGGRZ is not a cool new way to spell Daggers.

    If I did make it into a serious event (if there is interest, heck even just a thread where people post builds would be fun for me) There are some Words/trends that I've personally found defeat the purpose of this exercise. Such as Dagger. Which can Grab any combination of FaP/Wolf/dwgr Armor of thorns + giants pieces and use the Great scythE, flamebergE or Estoc. Which is honestly a whole build, the kings example is more in the spirit of what I was trying to do.

    Some fun words are Coward, Loser, Winner, Robot, ect. Pick a word you kinda like and build around that, don't hunt down the 6 letter word with the most Gs and Rs (seriously dagger ruins everything)
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    Re: Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.

    Post by RANT on Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:57 pm

    casul http://mmdks.com/2qyd

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    Re: Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.

    Post by Saturday-Saint on Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:42 pm


    Havel's GauntleT
    Mask of the MotheR
    Y is left out because of 6 slot limit.
    Hollow Warrior Waistcloth
    Ring of Favor and Protection
    Dingy Robe

    Joking aside.

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    Re: Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.

    Post by Myztyrio on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:30 am

    I dare someone to try Antidisestablishmentarianism.

    I spent over an hour on it. I gave up.

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    Re: Word Building. Or the Lordran Spelling Bee.

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