Official Site Update June 10


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    Official Site Update June 10

    Post by DyingAce on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:32 pm

    With the E3 trailer, the site has more content. About, news, media, community and pre-order sections. Their facebook & twitter are on the front page.

    The community section has a forum for general discussion on DS2 and an ask the developer section

    The about section promises "More intricate customization options...", "...improved online interaction...", and "...upgraded combat system..." among other things. The sensory assault part intrigues me with talk of "... auditory hallucinations, vertigo...", things messing with the player as they play. Will it go as far as Eternal Darkness levels of screwing with you? So much to anticipate. Gotta keep the hype in check.

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