whats the most easiest boss you have encounterd from dark souls

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    Re: whats the most easiest boss you have encounterd from dark souls

    Post by Dibsville on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:48 pm

    Raikan007 wrote:
    Dibsville wrote:It's well worth it. There's nothing of value in Izalith besides the Red Slab, which just so happens to be right in front of you when you go through the shortcut.

    You can also go back and kill Firesage and Centipede at any time if you want the souls.

    thanks pal!

    I did a quick search and some say that you have to be in the covenant still to make the door open? is that true or false?

    I have joined other covenants (just for sh1ts and giggles) and am no longer chaos servant..

    1) would I have to offer 30 more humanity to get the shortcut?
    2) on my way down, can I stop off at Quelaags sister and rejoin? will the hunchback of blightown be hostile towards me since I broke the covenant?

    if you have a really good video link showing the exact short cut that would be most helpful too, busy searching for one now..

    by the looks of things, I will have to go into Demon Ruins, down right past Capra's down that walkway on the side of the cliff, then fight my way to the bonfire under that slug thing. from there, down the stairs fight the big demon and just before the (boss similar to the Asylym Demon, take a right down the branches) and to the door? is that the shortcut?

    where would that actually open up to?
    The shortcut stays open whether you leave or not, as long as you open it while you can.

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    Re: whats the most easiest boss you have encounterd from dark souls

    Post by Shakie666 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:41 pm

    Going purely by the number of time i've died, Gaping dragon and moonlight butterfly are the easiest, never died to them. I have actually died to pinwheel once, though it was on NG+7.

    Don't mean to de-rail the thread, but what do you think is the hardest boss? I'm sorely tempted to say Manus, now he gives me far more trouble than O&S ever have. Closely followed by Kalameet.

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    Re: whats the most easiest boss you have encounterd from dark souls

    Post by TheMeInTeam on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:07 pm

    Pinwheel is easy, yes, but is he really easier than:

    Moonlight Butterfly:  You can literally just summon an NPC phantom and stand there.  I don't see how this is harder than Pinwheel.

    Taurus demon:  Climb ladder, plunge attack, run away, run back, repeat.

    Bed of Chaos is an interesting case.  Once you know what to do it's the only boss that can easily be killed by punching/shooting it with unupgraded weapons/using regular throwing knives.  However, the fake difficulty in this fight is obscene and it takes time to get back to it, which is really annoying in situations with trial and error gameplay (IE "herp you couldn't go there!  Die and start over!).

    So I'd rate Pinwheel, Butterfly, and Taurus as all "reasonably trivial", with the rest being at least somewhat harder (excluding assylum who is also very easy of course).

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    Re: whats the most easiest boss you have encounterd from dark souls

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