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    After Earth

    Post by UmbasaOtter on Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:25 am

    today i went to the theater with a few friends to watch the new movie after earth. Hey it had will smith, how bad could it really be?

    Bad. This movie has so many plot holes and flaws, i had to hold in laughter at times. The spoilers start now, so be wary.

    Ill try to write my problems in chronological order, as best i can from memory.

    1. First, the aliens only find you if you are afraid. Literally dont be afraid, and you are invisible. If that's too much to ask of soldiers, then i would just get the whole army hammered, something known to inhibit fear. Sure they would be drunk, but it doesn't matter because they are INVISIBLE.

    2. they can build a new home for a ton of humans, but they cant save the human race by giving soldiers hazmat suits to prevent smells being sent into the air?

    3. Its the future, why can they not build a space ship tall enough to fit the average human, let alone will smith's son?

    4. Will smith had to give an artery in his leg a bypass, because the artery was broken. He had a broken artery for at least a day before he did anything about it.

    5. his son can not find the direction "west", but he says "Go to the falls" and hes like a damn homing missile.

    6.The bird trying to kill him, later became his best bro. It actually died to save his life.

    7. The suit tells you when you are about to freeze to death, so it lets you know you are very dangerously cold, but has no thermal regulation feature? people have those now.

    8. he gets his foot chewed on for a more then a few seconds, but starts walking around like a champ immediately after.

    9. from what i understand, close to the crash, there was too much ionic interference to use the beacon. The communication was fine, not to far away, but instead he climbed to the top of a volcano? Odd maneuver...

    those are some of my problems with this movie, sorry if i spoiled it for anyone, we just had to vent a little. Watch star trek instead...


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    Re: After Earth

    Post by John-Cutler on Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:19 am

    Sound`s absolutely HORRIBLE!!!

    Oh girl the walls of death and life blocks you and me.
    Oh when we were children we explored every nook and cranny.
    Oh oh we used to be the closest of friends oh oh.
    But then one fateful day death came but not for me.
    Then the days turned gray oh oh then then day turned to night oh oh.
    Then i found only sorrow oh oh i only found sorrow oh oh.
    Then death came for me oh oh.
    then i found you oh oh.
    The End

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