Guerrilla Warfare 2v2 Event June 15th "Notes"

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    Guerrilla Warfare 2v2 Event June 15th "Notes"

    Post by Ahhotep1 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:08 pm

    Hi, Everyone! (Sorry about the wall of text...hope it isn't too bad.)
    The Event Thread link is below. I have yet to edit in the new info. which follows after the link. But if you are interested please read the OP of the thread and post your intentions. This event is open to the Forum, Wiki, xbl, and ps3, as well as players "in the wild" since it is also listed on "PSN Event Calendar". We have had "out in the wild" players participate!

    Summation of notes that will be edited into event thread:

    Okay Everyone here is the "Active Event Area".

    First, I would like to provide this link for vader spawn points in Blighttown and other areas just FYI. There are a total of 6 spawn points in Btown!!

    First, we will be going top to bottom and I have decided to include a portion of the swamp.

    1) The entrance to Blighttown will be from the Depths.

    2) The Drop Zone: Hosts will summon and Phantoms will drop their wss on the platform at the bottom of the first ladder.

    3) The Host MUST open the fog gate below the Parasitic Wall Hugger.

    4) Soul Level will be 100. Hosts will need to go to NG+ if they do not wish to make another build or level up an existing one. I will be taking a sl 100 build to NG+.

    5)Invader must invade within the Blighttown area at the top NOT IN THE DEPTHS AREA!

    "The invasion boundries for this location begins from The Depths entrance, includes the main path and wooden platforms along the way to the upper-bonfire. Ends before the stone walkway with the bonfire. Does not include the area beneath the Iato-holding corpse."

    6) Runs will go from the Drop Zone at the top to the Swamp area immediately in front of and to the left of the last walkway only.

    As one stands on the last walkway at the bottom facing the swamp you will see two large pillars to the right. DO NOT GO RIGHT BEYOND THOSE PILLARS.

    All of the swamp area to the left of the pillars is apart of the Active Event Area.

    Please Note: Though the runs will progress from the top down. This does not mean that the Red Team can not double-back on the White Team!! So, Watch-Out White Team!! devil

    7) I timed an unimpeded run from the top to the bottom of the last walkway as if I were a Red Phantom or Vader. It took 3 minutes. So, I will be adjusting the "head-start" time to 2 minutes. Since the Host and Phantom may, more then likely, have to fight npc's on their way down. This will delay them long enough (I feel) to allow the Red Team to reach the bottom and set-up an ambush or trap in the Active swamp area as well as any where along the path down.

    8) I will arrange some dummy runs with a red and npc's alive to hone the Head-Start time.


    A Call to All Those Who Will Be Hosting the June 15th Event!

    The soul level will be 100. Very few except hardcore pvp'ers (the pit) will have Quelaag alive in their world. Host's will need to go to NG+ or make another build where Quelaag remains alive.

    I try to maintain this event so that it makes as few demands on participants as possible (making new builds) other then showing up and having FUN!! However, Hosts will need to make adjustments.

    So, those who wish to Host please let me know as soon as possible. It is important that we have at least 5 Hosts ready to go at event start.

    Hosts who need help going to NG+ or preparing a new build for the event let me know and I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can.


    On a business note:

    It is advised that all participants make their own "dry" runs in Btown from the top to the designated bottom of the Event Area. This area will prove a challenge to both teams!

    Keep in mind that the Red Team will have optimal "sniping" opportunities. Cunning and Area Awareness will reap the advantages.

    Also, it is highly suggested that you go to "options" (in the game) > "Controls" > "Camera Auto-Wall Recovery" and turn that "OFF"...if you don't have it off already. If "on" the camera can knock you off narrow walkways or near ledges if there is a structure that activates the auto wall recovery system.


    That's it (so far). I will be adding the above info to the event thread soon!

    SIGN-UP!!! big grin

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