I need some help with some Items [SL 12 PS3]


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    I need some help with some Items [SL 12 PS3]

    Post by OswaldMoore on Fri May 31, 2013 2:30 pm

    Well my save data in PS3 got screw yesterday because some sort of genius (Thanks Cousin.... I hate you little brat ¬¬) thinks that it was a good idea to try the dragon head glitch and erease all my data and now here I'm asking for someone in PS3 with a Low SL mule to help me.

    The items I'm asking for are:
    • Obsidian Greatsword
    • 1 Artorias Set +5
    • 1 Izalith Catalyst
    • 1 The Havel's Set
    • 1 Dark Hand
    • 1 Gargoyle's Halberg enchanted +5
    • 1 Soul of Manus
    • 1 Moonlight Greatsword
    • 1 Mask of the Child

    that are the items I cared for is my main usual equipment the soul of manus is optional but I will thanks a lot if someone help me with that well even if no one answer this post thank you anyways and have a good day (Or night big grin)

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    Re: I need some help with some Items [SL 12 PS3]

    Post by Demon Slayer on Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:39 am

    add me i can help

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