New Bow build


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    New Bow build

    Post by Dutchy on Mon May 27, 2013 5:26 am

    Hey guys, Here's a bow build I'm thinking of trying out.
    I chose the darkmoon for the magic damage/ looks as well as the shotel just to kill turtling. The armour is just the best combination for poise/ defense. Let me know what you think.

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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by AnCapaillMor on Mon May 27, 2013 5:37 am

    Using myself at the mo with almost the same stats(16str instead of 12) and to be honest i'm underwhelmed by it. It's not bad but it's not so good either. Arrows are bloody dear and if you bump into someone wih decent mag defense they're not so effective. The extra range over the composite is handy though and i think it shoots slower too. To be honest i usually only use the bow for poison arrows and rarely get off a clear shot.

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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by Jansports on Mon May 27, 2013 7:27 am

    Armor set up has slightly better poise/defense(Poise only if you replace DWGR with Wolf's) (mostly on the magic side)Using a bow to fight is a lot of you rolling around waiting for an opening, DWGR is the best at rolling around waiting for someone to make a mistake. But you can always put Wolf's on and hit 68 poise, you get 79 more hp (not a huge deal but nice) I found space for a 5th spell and 14 str which opens up a number of good dex scaling weapons (katana, great scythe)

    The Composite bow and Darkmoon bow have the same firing speed (the short bow does as well) But an Occult Comp Bow will for some reason always outperform the Darkmoon Bow (which is a shame I think the darkmoon bow looks awesome)

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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by roanispe on Mon May 27, 2013 7:43 am

    When using a Bow, the most important aspect of the fight is the mind game that comes when in the drawn stance. Finding room against any opponent, other than the most aggressive ones, to draw isn't very difficult. However, it comes with a risk if done sloppily and can end poorly if you don't have a firm understanding of what you're doing when fighting a competent opponent. If you choose just to knock as many arrows as you can, you'll find that you don't often actually hit the opponent and, even worse, you can find yourself up against someone who runs at the side to dodge your arrow and hit you during your recovery. The simplest response is to simply not shoot at the range the opponent can land their running attack in, and dodge away to make space. While this may work well in an environment with no boundaries, say the Abyss, you can often find yourself with your back up against the wall with no real choice but to sideroll which leaves you open to a sideroll BS.

    A more active stance you can take is punishing the running attack the opponent does with a lock BS. While this works great for the generally poor match up of the Katana running attack, there are some like a Greatsword running attack where a lock BS is generally not a good response. This also leaves you open to a counter BS if the opponent can see it coming, and can end very poorly against something like a Great Club. As well, the response of a counter BS does work against a failed roll BS attempt against the opponent's running attack; if you can't backstab them before the wrap around, you'll be on the receiving end. Another response is the parry attempt from the drawn stance, and it's a very popular technique with many adherents. Done with appropriate spacing, it can avoid a backstab attempt from the running opponent and potentially land a riposte. The crucial differences between the two is that the parrying attempt is less likely to pay off, and the different spacing, meaning you can avoid a BS attempt if you parry from far enough away. For better or for worse, parrying generally very unwieldy, and unreliable.

    A much more prosaic option is the shield poke from a Spear or Thrusting Sword. Personally, I'm inclined to the Estoc as the weapon of choice in this mind game because it can do the shield poke of the Thrusting Swords with most range, which is faster than a Spear shield poke, while still being able to provide healthy damage in both the backstab and parry mind game from the drawn stance. It makes an excellent complement to the bow, and both also feature rough parallels in stat scaling, with a D/B for the Estoc and C/C for the Composite Bow.

    For some weapons, like the Great Club again, the running attack isn't a great option to punish a bow user. Instead they try to roll forward, and through the arrow to land a rolling attack. You can generically punish the forward roll, like all bad spacing and offence, with a lock BS as well as respond to the actual rolling attack as the situation determines. For the Thrusting Sword and Spear class of weapons, a potential response is to go up to you, and spam the shield poke to force you out of the drawn stance. While dead-angling with your weapon of choice is always a potential as well as a backstab by the method of your choice, one of the absolutely most reliable ways of getting through a shield is the Shotel. If I were to use an Estoc and a Composite Bow, I'd already have 40 Dexterity, and it becomes a fairly light, and reliable counter to this class of weapons.

    From this path of thought, I'd up with this build. It has 32 Poise to withstand a Katana running attack, along with a Quality style point distribution for the highest effective damage out of each weapon. It has the Thorns Gauntlets to help negate BSes during rolling, and potentially save you from a backstab in those awful situations. It also has the Darkwood Grain Ring to give you the best ability to create space, and punish attacks. If you are confident in your ability to menuswap between the Estoc, Shotel, and Composite Bow, which is also another class of mind games entirely, this is an alternative way of building it that gives access to Pyromancy and greatly increases its versatility.

    The biggest problem I have with your build, and hence the above, is because the +15 Composite Bow with Poison Arrows in a Quality stat distribution is overwhelming the best small bow to use. The other kinds of bows, at a fair cost of some increase versatility in spells, don't do as much damage or, for the better damage, have a much worse draw speed. This makes the Bow more of a compliment rather than a focus in other builds. If you really want the archery to piece and parcel of your build, this way generally works best. However, very few builds wouldn't benefit from the additional openings the bow provides, and is generally a good addition on any build.

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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by ICEFANG on Mon May 27, 2013 9:51 am

    I've found that the Darkmoon bow is crap, use the Composite Bow upgraded to Occult and you'll make more magic damage.

    Although at those stats, the normal +15 will be stronger against just anyone, and you can even use the Short Bow for a slight increase in range and accuracy while free aiming for a loss of 10AR.


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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by Animaaal on Mon May 27, 2013 7:42 pm

    Use DWGR, Leo's, Composite, and HCSM for best results.

    You could also use Pursuers and the Dragonslayer Bow if you were so inclined.

    Also, headshots become "pulloffable" with practice. Your percentage will never be huge (unless you're fighting a sloppy player), but there are some things you can do to improve your hit ratio.

    -Always remember zoom is always over your right shoulder.

    -Aim your camera before you zoom.

    -You can still fast roll while zoomed, but not "flip".

    Also, this for for "just bow stuff".

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    Re: New Bow build

    Post by exterminator2 on Wed May 29, 2013 1:01 am

    As far as bow builds go...
    It takes a lot of inspiration from Xskulled (youtube, and Peeverson, seeing as how some of their ranged and bow tactics are unmatched to a fault. Though, from reading this thread- very enlightening as far as ranged and overall combat tactics go.

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    Re: New Bow build

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