Necromancy branch


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    Necromancy branch

    Post by namanama1 on Fri May 17, 2013 8:17 pm

    Yellow every1! Im new ;p anyways to business

    I believe the 3 main forms of magic: Miracles Sorcery Pyromancy Shouldnt change. But I think there should be lots of branches from these three main types.

    One of these branches i would love to be included in Dark SOuls 2 is Necromancy.

    I think Necromancy should be in the sorcery branch and should include spells like
    Skeleton/Zombie Summon
    Ghost Summon
    Imp Summon and so on

    According to one's stats (INT or a new stat) one can only summon a certain amount at a time.

    The summoned creatures' stats are also determined by the summoner's stats (ie the STR/VIT of the skeleton be a percentage of yours) This percentage is going to be very small so that the skeleton isnt too broken, and would encourage the summoner to not just rely on his/her summons too much. (Although if your entire stats was dedicated solely on summoning, you may be able to summon lots of skeletons but your VIT for example would be very low)

    Ghost should be untouchable unless one is cursed or transient cursed for example.

    A necromancer can only summon under certain conditions. (ie if there are dead corpses around the necromancer DUH! lol. And for ghost, many an item that stores souls of some kind? ;/ )

    With dark souls 2, i believe that the use of magic should always come at a price. Like maybe summoning should take a long time to perform.

    I also think spells like Undead Rapport should be part of Necromancy imo.

    What you guys think? I would like your thoughts on including a necromancy branch.

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    Re: Necromancy branch

    Post by mr_no_face on Sat May 18, 2013 12:13 pm

    I was thinking more along the lines of Skeleton control like the undead rappor or whatever and then moving the smog like spells from pyromancy over like toxic cloud and what not and possibly things like poison weapon enchant and maybe summon floating skulls that latch onto players if hit and slows their movement

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