How to prepare for Dark Souls 2


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    How to prepare for Dark Souls 2

    Post by Halicarnassis on Mon May 13, 2013 1:31 pm

    With the release date of DkS2 still being eagerly anticipated, I have been reading comments from a number of us saliva dripping gamepad jockeys all speculating on the rise and death of the franchise, the popularity across continents, playability and things we are all hoping to see and not see... The best way to prepare to die again is to prepare for the unexpected. I've come up with a short list and reasons for your training, young padawans. Feel free to add anymore to the training regime and to give feedback cheers

    1. Start playing Demon Souls again and get some PVP action on!

    We all know that DkS2 is going to be a mix of both the souls games, so what better way to get used to the play-style than to get cracking on the original. Some hardcore PYP action will also put you in your place; to start with try 4-1 SL125

    2. Try out Monster Hunter.. any version.

    Another fantastic RPG and one where combo's play a massive part in taking down an enemy. Constantly taking on massive dragons in any version of this title is again another plus seeing as dragons are going to be a theme in DkS2. You also have the added ability of trying out sword & shield or heavy weapon styles.

    3. Try your hand at Unchartered.

    Filled with puzzles and brain-teasing areas this is a good way to start thinking outside the box for any of those rumoured puzzle to make thier way into DkS2

    4. Get back to the old school and pick up a copy of Zelda.

    Sword and Shield style play from the original gamer makers! DEEE-FENCE!

    5. Play Armoured Core, Resident Evil Outbreak!

    Crazy titles to be throwing in here I know, but these are the last two known titles that Yui Tanimura and Tomohiro Shibuya worked on respectively... and thats from 2003! This will get you used to the pace of play from AC, the artwork, level design and some other hidden surprises with RE:O

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    Re: How to prepare for Dark Souls 2

    Post by moomootv on Wed May 15, 2013 9:15 pm

    Good idea but what im going to do is.... wait for it..... Nothing im going into dark souls 2 blind i want it to make me rage and turn me into a noob again (well into a bigger noob but you get the point) but i have been playing alot of demon souls

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    Re: How to prepare for Dark Souls 2

    Post by Serious_Much on Wed May 15, 2013 9:23 pm

    I'm definitely going down the demon's PvP route- It seems it's the EU crowd getting in on that, look forward to fighting you big grin

    Maybe it's time to crack out my psp and monster hunter again too

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    Re: How to prepare for Dark Souls 2

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