Ragnarok 2


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    Ragnarok 2

    Post by Tchuwib on Mon May 06, 2013 4:12 pm

    I was a big fan of the first one, even if I played on free server and it was a good balance one so it didn't just give everything right away. It was very nice to play it and all, but one time, we got a server roll back of a few week, maybe month. So I've never touched the game after, gave away all my item and stopped playing it. I've played MMO here and there, but I was not into WoW that much, plus play as you go doesn't rub me. One I've enjoy was Maplestory, but it got a bit repetitive after a while and I had to get away from MMORPG too, since it took way to much of my time.

    So, anyway, getting to the point, I'm not sure when it launched officially, I know it was in beta for a while too, but now I'm starting it again. It's free to play as far as I figure out. It use the money making of maplestory, buying little junk silly. But I'm enjoy every minute of it so far. Had a tone of stuff to learn and going back and forth, but it's really good.

    I was wondering who else jumped in the game and such. If you are let's all add us up in friend list. Try to figure what my user name is in the game silly. Jolly oh, going back to play some of it. Currently lv 18 with a acolyte, I love helping and healing people. Alchemist is very useful when you need to spend so much XD.


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