Low Level Fight Club!


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    Low Level Fight Club!

    Post by sku11kin6 on Wed May 01, 2013 4:41 pm

    To all those interested in a real show down. Me (SKU11KIN6), and thenoogai will be hosting a Low Level Fight Club Tournament on Xbox 360 for levels 1-12 in the Blight Town pit this Saturday the 4th of May we will begin readying at 7pm and start the fights at 8pm. The rules of engagement are...there are no RULES !!! The only rules you must abide by are as follows. 1. No attacking the host,and 2. No leaving the pit. Finally last but certainly not least we will be giving out prizes to the winners , also tba. We will be setting up a chat room for communications...etc further instruction will be given at a later time. Please direct any questions to either SKU11KIN6,or thenoogai on this feed. We look forward to one of the most epic throwdowns ever seen.

    P.S. all fights will be recorded and video will be posted on youtube under thenoovids account name.

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