Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

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    Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by Dusk Soul on Wed May 01, 2013 12:15 am

    I was invading/hosting at the Anor Londo bridge today and I encountered two really annoying tactics to use in future sessions. I was a little angry at those guys; but I can't deny their cleverness, so I thought on sharing them with you guys.

    The firs one I encountered was as a Phantom, when I spawned I couldn't see the host in the bridge; but I noticed that the rotating part was up (connected to the upper floor of the chapel) so I make my way to the rafters trying to catch the host.

    S/he was waiting for me in the balcony just outside the rafter, I tried to start the fight with a plunging/jumped attack; but I missed and the host proceeded to kill me via WoG. Cheap? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

    The second one is probably pretty well known; but I still fell for it, the invader lured me to the rafters and tried to to make me fall using a greatbow. The worst part is that I managed to avoid the first shot; but then while I was returning to safer grounds I slipped and fell to my death, the invader probably had a good laugh with that. But I managed to reverse the situation when he invaded me again a few minutes later.

    At this point I had lowered the rotating bridge and pursued him from the other side; but this time I was packing my own greatbow + hawk ring, even if you don't have the stats to wield them, while the damage is awful (4 on a Painting Guardian) they still have the great knockback effect, so I shoot him off the rafters.

    What about you guys? Have you encountered/used tactics like this during invasions?
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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by skarekrow13 on Wed May 01, 2013 12:39 am

    I've absolutely never ever spawned in the forest by the stairs then, pretending to be afk, let the host charge me only to roll behind him at the last second and WoG him off a cliff. Never


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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by SirArchmage on Wed May 01, 2013 12:40 am

    During my first pvp experiences in the Darkroot forest, I invaded these two guys that were both in dragon form. I thought "Oh, cool, dragons. If I just dodge the shout they have I can kill them pretty quickly." But they never used the shout. What they did do, however, is whenever one would come up to me with a silver knight straight sword, the other would breath fire from behind his buddy. So I couldn't fight back. If I attacked the guy breathing fire, then he would start swinging his sword and the other would breath fire over him. Died pretty quickly.

    Something that I do when I am invading the Crystal Caves, is I will purposefully go right up next to all the butterflies I can or throw knifes at them so that they will activate. They will then start blasting magic at the host right when he comes by. Either that or I stand in the cave behind the last invisible bridge to the boss fight with a Dragon Slayer Great Bow. They jump down, can't see me behind them while I'm in the cave, and they are easy pickings then.

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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by Maneater_Mildred on Wed May 01, 2013 1:44 am

    I like to hide inside the big slime things in new Londo, you can really surprise people when you blast them from your hiding spot.

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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by grossemesser on Wed May 01, 2013 11:17 am

    Lately I've taken to invading the Forest and tricking gankers into chasing me and then I make the jump across the river. Sometimes they die trying to make the jump or their attack timing carries them over the edge.

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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

    Post by AnCapaillMor on Wed May 01, 2013 11:36 am

    Oollacille spawned, saw the host run, i chased down the steps and got wotg'd off the steps by the phantoms hiding where the first enemy npc rests. Same pair twopped and dragon bowed me off a ledge down around the pendant. Cheesy but effective.

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    Re: Clever; but annoying host/invading tactics?

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