LunarFog magicians


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    LunarFog magicians

    Post by LunarFog on Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:05 pm

    All 3 of these builds are geared toward taking advantage of their spells most of all.

    Faith -
    I always thought Faith focused mostly on support rather than a main form of attack. Which is why even though it's focusing on faith, the build still only has 28.

    Intelligence -
    High magic and high dex to make spells as quick and strong as possible. <25% roll because int casters do better as fast rollers. Wolf ring for poise. Bow for long range attacks. Silver tracer for backstabs/poison.

    Pyromancy -
    High dex for quickest cast times. Balder sword to scale with dex. Decent poise and defense.


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    Re: LunarFog magicians

    Post by SirArchmage on Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:18 pm

    Might I suggest switching to Fire Tempest instead and adding Fire Surge? Fire Tempest can one shot people if you've hit them once, and if they are alive, combust or black flame them right as they are getting up, so that when they stand they are immediately in flame. And the fire surge can destroy people that aren't careful. I am a giant fan of fire surge. You can do massive damage from a distance if you use it right, and you are able to move while using it.

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