Need to trade for some Silver and Black knight equipment (PC)


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    Need to trade for some Silver and Black knight equipment (PC)

    Post by uthvag on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:18 pm

    Hello .

    I am new to this forum and i am also playing DS for the first time.I would like to trade for some dark and silver knight items.
    My soul level is 60(first play-through) and GFWL ID is Summedcloud55
    I have many items for trading

    THese are the items i am looking for

    >silver knight shield
    >silver knight sword
    >black knight sword and great sword

    PS- IS my SL too high for the first playthrough .I have only chaos bed remaining and with my zewihander+14 and Claymore+14 the bosses seem very easy (i am a medium build) and i soloed everyone of them.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Need to trade for some Silver and Black knight equipment (PC)

    Post by kettpower on Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:03 pm


    once you beat bed of chaos the kiln will open up. this is the last area of the game, where u can fight respawning back knights which guarantee you a drop of the black knight stuff u are looking for.
    for the silver knight weapons u can kill the silver knights in anor londo - best thing is to do it with 10 humanity and the gold serpent ring equipped, which will increase the chances of a drop and save u some time.

    btw: sl 60 is not to high, i think most of the people are even at a higher sl, when completing the game for the 1st time. i would guess 80-90 is pretty common. all bosses are designed to be beaten alone, summoning help should only be a last resort, especially when playing the game for the 1st time. with the zwei and claymore u made very good weapon choices, so this may be the reason why it was not so hard for you.
    if u still have troubles getting your stuff u can add me on gfwl: sku777
    but i can't really say when i'll be online next time. good luck!

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