Weekend in Lordran



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    Weekend in Lordran

    Post by UmbasaOtter on Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:18 pm

    My dark souls has been eventful this weekend! Not only did I have a blast in the Friday night fights, but I received my first hate mail, and met a ps3 hacker.

    The fight club was great, I won a few and lost a lot but it was a great time all around ( you guys are worthy opponents). But while I was sitting around in the township, a fellow with what I assume is a Japanese psn invaded my world, not long after a darkmoon invaded. The dark moon encountered the red before I, and in the distance I saw him dispatched with incredible speed, and what looked like a karmic justice explosion...three times. Because iv seen videos on such things, I knew what to expect, but while pulling out my phone to record this encounter, I was back stabbed by the crystal long sword OHKOing me. I chuckled to myself, and was disappointed I wasn't able to record the incident with my first ps3 hacker encounter. But still I found it fascinating so I thought I'd share with you fellas and gals Shrug

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    Re: Weekend in Lordran

    Post by FireproofFlame on Sun May 05, 2013 1:58 pm

    Cool story bro, The trigger-on-command Karmic Justice can be a pain, but it is fairly easy to either get out of it's range or pivot backstab. If the invading hacker was using an infinite health or stamina glitch you could always bleed them out, If worst comes to worst you could always attempt to force him off a ledge, as far as I know Karmic Justice only has 4 castings, but he probably modded that too.

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