Question: arrow/bow type vs elf ears


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    Question: arrow/bow type vs elf ears

    Post by DigitaLinsanitY on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:49 pm

    ​This spawns from me generally struggling vs mages.

    So I'm looking into a specific situation. I will test this mostly
    through trial and error but I figured I'd get the community's input.
    Maybe I'll get a definitive answer.

    How does the 40% magic def reduction from wearing elf ears effect received arrow damage based on arrow or bow type.

    This assumes the guy wearing the elf ears has pretty average magic/physical (piercing) defense.
    Lets say around 250 - 300ish? before the 40% is applied.
    No gmb, leo ring, or other such variables.

    I will use a quality build (40/40 or 28/40, makes no difference), base int/faith, wielding a composite bow.

    So essentially... which will most likely do more damage.

    Quality build + composite bow + heavy arrow vs guy with elf ears.
    (my default except when using poison)

    Quality build + composite bow + magic arrow vs a guy with elf ears
    (split damage type but has magic damage)

    Quality build + magic/enchanted/divine/occult composite bow + magic arrow vs a guy with elf ears
    (I think this option will be the weakest since I sacrifice all scaling for some base magic damage but hey, you never know.)

    For now these are the 3 parameters I'm looking at. Feel free to discuss
    other builds / bows as I'm curious about that too, but only these apply
    to my current situation.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Re: Question: arrow/bow type vs elf ears

    Post by Dibsville on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:29 pm

    You actually receive 30% extra damage, not 40%.
    Also, it is called Crown of Dusk.
    The answer: No.
    The extra magic damage you take is only from other magic, so Soul Arrow, Wrath of the Gods, Fireball, and stuff like that will do 30% more damage to the other person.
    This DOES NOT include weapon buffs such as Magic Weapon and Darkmoon Blade, it is strictly direct spells.

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    Re: Question: arrow/bow type vs elf ears

    Post by Animaaal on Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:17 pm

    I dont believe that to be true.

    The Darkmoon Bow using Moonlight arrows should, from what I've understood in the past deal more damage to someone using elf ears.

    I've seen the research in a thread somewhere, I'll see ifI can find it.

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    Re: Question: arrow/bow type vs elf ears

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