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    PC FC Tonight

    Post by Shindori on Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:55 pm

    So in celebration of me getting a Dragon Greatsword and fully upgrading
    it, I was thinking of doing a Fight Club. But I was thinking, why not
    change things up a little? Here's what i'm thinking:

    1) You MUST have DSCFix installed. Got it installed? Good. You don't? Get to it.
    2) Obviously, you must add me as a friend on GFWL (ShindoriH).
    3) Instead of summoning phantoms, My plan is to Gravelord the Painted
    World. This will make things more interesting seeing as you'll have to
    (kind of) work for your place at the Fight Club.
    4) Once there, duels will be held at the Undead Dragon's Bridge.
    5) Duels will be 1v1.
    6) Soul level must be close to 122.
    7) If you want to apply a buff, do so BEFORE bowing.
    8) Once you bow... anything goes. that means sorceries, pyromancies,
    healing items, ANYTHING. ***. GOES. Don't like it? don't come. This is
    for the big boys.
    9) Don't attack the host, he's the one providing you with this fun event.
    10) If you win, you stick around for the next challenger, until you are defeated.
    11) At the end of the FC, I shall give the winner a mystery prize (Anything
    from humanities to weapons to titanite), then, they are to let me
    backstab them off the side of the bridge, because I might as well get
    one kill, right?
    12) I will be streaming the event in HD.

    The event will occur tonight at 7PM central time. I live in Kansas so I'm
    thinking that's the timezone, anyways. Remember, anything goes. So don't
    come whining to me when someone WoGs or backstabs you off the edge of
    the bridge.

    ShindoriH on GFWL, shindori on Steam.

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