Metal Gear (Rising) Builds!



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    Metal Gear (Rising) Builds!

    Post by Derksers on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:18 am

    Oh hey there, i've been experimenting with cosplay builds and I thought that some fun ones would be from metal gear rising. You have the katanas and whatnot, let's give it a try.
    Its VERY bare bones at the moment but im hoping you guys could help with suggestions.

    Raiden (MGS2)
    Blonde hair, straight
    Dark Set
    Iaito +15
    (jack the ripper mode can be power within for dat red glow)

    Knight+5 Helm
    Dark Chest
    Black Manchette and tights.
    Knives, dung pie, toxic mist(for smoke grenade)

    Black Iron Set
    Bald head
    dual falchions,
    havels shield
    karmic justice (for explosion shield)

    Senator Armstrong
    Shirtless, large body
    Either dual dragon fists
    Lots of pyromancy/wrath of gods for explosions and fire he has.

    Jetstream sam
    Chaos Blade+5
    Dont know what armour he could wear,

    Either way, im open to suggestions to help shape these builds up.
    Also this is my first post.

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