Glitched enemies



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    Glitched enemies

    Post by sendicard on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:08 pm

    I think my game might be glitched. I noticed it when enemies just took generally longer to kill for some reason, but after I had a 15 minute duel with Quelagg, doing 30 damage per two handed light strike with an Uchigatana+5.

    Eventually having to switch to my Longsword +5 and doing 22 damage with a two handed strike.

    Well I just had to ask.

    Certain enemies seem to be normal, and some take far longer. It also seems to switch between after some bonfire visits, switching back at the weirdest of times.

    Even when I am noticing it however, my phantoms can't.

    I'm just asking if any new game has ever been documented with this problem, or if I'm just losing my freaking mind. I've been playing a while and this is the first character I've ever noticed something like this, so it isn't just inexperience talking.

    I get no bonus experience regardless of the enemies glitch status, fine or glitched. It is a new game, started it yesterday.

    Currently screwing around with the Giants in Anor Londo, they have switched between three times. I even got a test going with some friends and suddenly, it was perfect.

    I feel I might just be losing my mind, but is it possible?

    Note: A lot of weird glitches have been happening this past week with my disk, hence why I am worried whether I'm going insane or not. I fell through the ground infinitely yesterday too.

    Someone else watched that one.

    I'm really, really confused.

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    Re: Glitched enemies

    Post by User1 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:11 pm

    Sounds definitely like a game problem. I can't think of other possibilities.

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