Dark Souls II prep hipe - thematic movies, music, books, games



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    Dark Souls II prep hipe - thematic movies, music, books, games

    Post by Fiore1300 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:38 am

    So with the recent release of the second trailer and of gameplay footage, I think I'm ready for some serious Dark Souls hype. So the template of this thread is to recommend various forms of media that share in the varying themes of the Dark Souls series, to prepare our minds to explore the next chapter in the series.

    Now I'm more eager to hear the recommendations of others than to put forward any of my own, but since I started the thread, I'll at least give two films that I feel carry the theme fairly well. Both of which, incidentally, take place during the medieval period where Europe suffered through the effects of Bubonic Plague. The first is The Seventh Seal, famous for its scene where the protagonist plays a game of chess with Death; as well as the more recent British film, Black Death, which follows a team of witch hunters bent on the destruction of a remote pagan village. I feel both are quite evocative of Dark Souls, though you're free to disagree.

    Anyway, I look forward to everyone's recommendations.

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