The Toxic Invaders (3 Themed Builds)



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    The Toxic Invaders (3 Themed Builds)

    Post by Nybbles on Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:38 pm

    please critique and comment (or worship) these three builds i'm currently working on … probably the last builds i will do before i get sick of playing Dark Souls or Dark Souls II is released, you know, whatever comes first.

    all three are based on a theme, toxic invaders, and use pieces of the armor of thorns for style and rolling into people is fun, as well as poison and toxic status effects. i think these will all be sub 100 builds, because 120 would feel like too many wasted points on these builds.

    the first is a quality build
    i think the armor set up looks pretty spiffy, the darksword is there because i really like that weapon right now (the 27/27 is for this weapons scaling primarily), but i also use the obsidian greatsword (i like the move set and i can buff it with rotten resin as well) and the dragonslayer greatbow for the lols (it's hilarious to hit someone through a poison mist cloud with it, disappointing ar though) but i have to swap the gauntlets of thorns for the artorias gauntlets to use it (no bigee). i actually feel pretty good about this build, not sure what i would change.

    the second is a dex build
    bleed baby bleed, oh and don't bother trying to run away cuz i don't mind shooting you in the back. my alternate weapons are katanas (should i bother with 16 str for the chaos blade?) not having a shield i think hurts me allot, the dark hand seems to be the right choice here but what do i give up so i can equip it? also i think i will have to do allot of ring swapping (wolf, hornet, hawk, dark wood) but whatever. would be nice to use the ring of favor instead of havel's, but i absolutely must fast roll (or flip) on this build. EDIT: actually forget the katanas, i'll just leave str at 12.

    the third is, umm, not sure where this one is going?
    alternate weapons would be, umm, i don't really know what to do with this one yet, all i know is that i want to use the gravelord greatsword and probably the bandit's knife,

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