soldier wanted: PC - SL10 - Artorias


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    soldier wanted: PC - SL10 - Artorias

    Post by kettpower on Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:26 am


    as the title says: i'm on a low lvl playthrough and kinda stuck at artorias. if anybody has access to that area in my summon range, i'd be glad about any help.

    i'm sl 10, so a sl 20-21 should be possible. i'm having a hard time with him, cause the build was made to wield the gl sword 2-handed (str/dex: 16/13), and this setup kinda sucks for the fight. something like a pyro build would be great, but any help is welcome! btw: i'm CET

    just send me a friend request gfwl: sku777

    edit: regardless if we are successful or not, i'm willing to give some reward for the efforts and for the time

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    Re: soldier wanted: PC - SL10 - Artorias

    Post by Dutchy on Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:56 am

    I can't help you because I don't have any toons that SL, but I will say, I used that same sword with fast roll, and after you learn his move set, he is pretty easy. I only attack on two occasions: When he does that jumpy stab (Where his sword goes into the ground). If you attack straight after you dodge it you can get in like two hits. The other is when he does that long lunge, if you dodge that, you can get two stabs in, Rinse and repeat, just dodge all other attacks. When he powers up by yelling, just run up to him and attack until you break his poise.

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