Dragon Form Build Weapon Ideas?



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    Re: Dragon Form Build Weapon Ideas?

    Post by Nybbles on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:50 pm

    ninjashifty wrote:I dropped 30 before I left for the torso stone. I would really like to only have to get 50 more scales vice 80. I hate farming those drakes and the pvp for dragon scales isn't poor.

    you'll need to gift 15 scales to the cov. to get back to rank 2 then another 50 to get to rank 3.

    farming scales sucks and not many players want to summon dragons for PVP, it's the hardest part about following the path of the dragon.

    when i start a new dragon play-through, the first thing i do is run down to the everlasting dragon and join the cov. and always leave a dragon remnant in any area i'm currently exploring. i can sometimes earn 10-15 scales before leaving the parish. other times, i don't get summoned at all. for some reason, i have found that i get summoned more frequently at low levels in the burg, parish and darkroot than i do in at mid level in anor londo and beyond.

    i also never gift scales to the cov until after i have gotten everything i want from the other covenants *cough-shortcut-cough* that way i don't have to worry about loosing all those precious scales.

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    Re: Dragon Form Build Weapon Ideas?

    Post by ninjashifty on Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:00 pm

    I think I'll just stay out of the convenant for now so I can do some invading and duels.

    I also read on the wiki page that if my back is turned to an opponant and I roar it breaks their guard. Is this true? I roared a couple times facing a guy and it never broke the guys guard. Do I need to turn around?

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    Re: Dragon Form Build Weapon Ideas?

    Post by lonewolf on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:40 am

    turn around and it dead angeles them in the same way wog and force does plus it forces them to get closer to by becouse of how it works.

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    Re: Dragon Form Build Weapon Ideas?

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